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QUERCUS Aggressive

Equity product. The objective of this subfund is dynamic long-term growth in the assets’ value per unit, higher than for the WIG index.

The risk level of investing in the subfund is high, even higher than in traditional equity funds.

The subfund pursues its investment policy by investing assets mainly in the shares of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The subfund may also invest in the shares of companies:
•    not yet listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, but launching their pre-IPOs,
•    listed on the NewConnect market,
•    listed on foreign markets, including stock exchanges of the New Europe.

The share of equities ranges from 50% to 100% of the subfund's assets.

A high concentration of investments is acceptable, including large exposures in securities with limited liquidity, representing significant value growth opportunities.

Please note that the subfund may be managed more aggressively but also in a more flexible manner than traditional equity funds.

The subfund may be used to achieve high rates of return during good market conditions, or as a component of a diversified investment fund portfolio customised to the Investor’s investment profile.

Benchmark: 100% WIG