History | Quercus TFI S.A.


IV 2008
first distribution agreements with reputable banks, insurers, brokerage houses and financial intermediaries signed
VI 2008
Equity capital of Quercus TFI S.A. raised up to PLN 14 m through private placement of 10 m shares (C series) at PLN 0.80
IX 2008
Quercus TFI S.A. becomes the first public company in the mutual funds sector, shares listed on NewConnect market, debut share price equals to PLN 0.68
IV 2009
asset management and investment advisory services introduced
V 2010
QUERCUS Absolute Return FIZ (closed-end fund) and 3 more QUERCUS Parasolowy SFIO subfunds launched
XI 2010
QUERCUS Absolutnego Zwrotu FIZ (closed-end fund) launched
III 2011
Shares listed on the main market of Warsaw Stock Exchange, debut share price equals to PLN 3.30
V 2012
QUERCUS Gold subfund launched
X 2013
QUERCUS Stable subfund launched
XI 2013
The first large financial investor crosses 5% threshold in shareholder structure - NN Pension Fund has got 6.72% of shares
XII 2015
QUERCUS Multistrategy FIZ (closed-end fund) launched
V 2017
QUERCUS Global Growth subfund launched
XII 2018
changes in subfund/fund strategies, QUERCUS Short Duration, QUERCUS Treasury Bonds, QUERCUS Global Balanced subfunds and QUERCUS Global Balanced Plus FIZ (closed-end fund) launched
XII 2020
QUERCUS Silver subfund launched
X 2021
Quercus TFI S.A., through Quercus Agent Transferowy sp. z o.o., becomes the owner of Dom Inwestycyjny Xelion sp. z o.o., the largest independent distributor of investment funds in Poland
IV 2023
The QUERCUS Aggressive, QUERCUS Global Growth, QUERCUS Short Duration and QUERCUS Capital Protection subfunds met the criteria referred to in Art. 8 SFDR and promote environmental and social objectives
X 2023
QUERCUS Tech lev subfund launched
XII 2023
Assets under management reach PLN 4.41 b, the share price of Quercus TFI S.A. is PLN 5.80 and market cap of the Company is PLN 360 m
III 2024
The QUERCUS Aggressive, QUERCUS Short Duration and QUERCUS Capital Protection subfunds were recognized as the best in their categories and once again received the most important industry awards - Alphas 2023.