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Asset management

Quercus TFI S.A. specialises in offering unique investment funds for high net-worth and ultra high net-worth individuals, broadens investment offer with asset management services.

On 8th of April 2009 Quercus TFI S.A. received a Polish Financial Supervision Authority licence for asset management and investment advisory services.

From PLN 5 million

The service is targeted to wealthy individual and institutional investors. Minimal investment amount required equals PLN 5 million.

Individual strategies only

The principle of QUERCUS Asset Management is offering fully customized, individual investment strategies that would benefit from knowledge and experience of Quercus TFI S.A. specialists. An individual custom-made investment strategy will be agreed with the Client after thorough investigation on the investment profile and expectations.

Performance related fees

Fee structure will be based on the strategy defined and the amount invested. Fee level will be strictly linked to investment performance. There is also a possibility to agree on remuneration based only on a success fee. In such case the remuneration will be counted only when positive performance (nominal or relative) is achieved.

Also as Closed-end Investment Fund

In the case of significant investment amount there is a possibility to prepare custom made individual Closed-end Investment Fund, managed by Quercus TFI S.A.

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