QUERCUS Global Balanced

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on the day 19/01/2022

NAV / NAV per CI

150.50 PLN


1 day -0.10%
1 month -2.48%
3 months -2.60%
6 months 0.51%
YTD -3.22%
1 year 3.35%
3 years 17.96%
5 years -
From the inception on

Basic data

Inception date 
Fund managers 
Piotr Miliński
Type of the subfund 
conservative absolute return
Equity allocation 
Management fee 
2.0% + 10% above 0% (max. 1%)
Maximum distribution fee  
Initial subscription level 
20.000 PLN
Risk/reward profile 
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Fund description 

A balanced strategy. A subfund with the tactical asset allocation and a global investment scope, featuring a moderate risk level. The subfund’s objective is to achieve positive returns in the medium term perspective. Fund managers do not guarantee positive returns, however they employ strict risk control, which can lead to limitation of losses in case of unfavourable market conditions.

The subfund features the absence of strict allocation limits among asset classes and the possible variation of the types of investments held in the portfolio.

The fund managers prefer following asset classes:
• Polish and foreign equities and index derivatives,
• commodities, including crude oil and gold,
• Polish and foreign treasury bonds,
• corporate bonds,
• currency futures.

High flexibility allows for quick adjustment of the asset allocation to the current market conditions. The use of assets with a negative correlation to the stocks enables relative stabilization of results and reduction of losses in conditions of increased volatility on the markets.

This subfund has no benchmark.

The Subfund Global Balanced (QUERCUS Global Balanced) hereinafter referred as the subfund described in this document is the subfund of the QUERCUS Parasolowy SFIO umbrella fund. Information concerning QUERCUS Parasolowy SFIO and its subfunds, including detailed descriptions of investment policy, risk factors, are provided in the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document available at the Quercus TFI S.A. office and at its website: www.quercustfi.pl. Neither Quercus TFI S.A. nor QUERCUS Parasolowy SFIO shall guarantee the achievement of expected investment targets or the gaining of specified investment results described in this document. Clients of QUERCUS Parasolowy SFIO should consider the capital  venture risks of some invested financial sources. The net asset value of the subfund, may fluctuate considerably owing to the fact of investing the assets of the subfunds in shares and derivative instruments. QUERCUS Parasolowy SFIO can invest over 35% of the asset value in securities which are issued or guaranteed by the Polish State Treasury or the National Bank of Poland. Presented investment performance is calculated for the A class of the subfund’s participation units for the given period of time. Neither Capital Gains Tax nor fees related to purchasing the subfund’s units have been included in the above mentioned results. Indicated rates of return should be treated as a historical data only and shall not  uarantee similar results in the future. Individual rate of return depends on the date of purchasing and selling subfund’s units, given fees and Capital Gains Tax. The value of the subfund’s units and fee schedule is available at www.qtfi.pl. This material is a promotional only and is neither intended as an offer nor recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument. Data and information above provided should not be treated as an investment advice or any other type of advice especially, legal advice. It is necessary read the Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document before purchasing the subfund’s units. Quercus TFI S.A. has a business license issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego), which is the supervisory authority for Quercus TFI S.A. This document has been written in Polish and English language versions, in two identical copies. In event of any discrepancies, the Polish version shall prevail.